for first
DXY = The U.S. Dollar Index

In this text/summary, I want to forecast United States’ presidential election based on DXY. According to my theory, politics has a direct effect on prices of goods; but according to prices/price changes, you can forecast political future.

Everything in the world follows order and a bunch of rules and I want to express my theories about the next president based on DXY.

My work steps are:

1. DXY analysis

2. DXY forecasting

3. A quick look at the history of the presidency and itseffect on DXY

4. Conclusion.

If you are a long-term investor and have lots of patience, investing on cryptocurrency is great for you.

I entered the market in 2013 and I believe investing on this, would be great in long-term; so I’m a huge fan of this currency.

So, why did these currencies went into hibernation? I have over 10 reasons for this downturn, but I only mention 3 of those, which usually no one pays attention to:

1. They only relied on technology

2. Weak management

3. Having false hope.

  1. For example, remember the bubble of .com .

In the late 90’s, every company…

  1. stillness is key
  2. mom test
  3. How i made 2 million dollars in the stock market

stillness is key : I think it’s the best book. This book changed my mindset. And by reading this book, I reached inner peace.
Read this book and then do the lessons in this book.
This book will help you especially if you are very busy .

mom test : This book has helped me to trust someone less .This book helped me figure out how to ask the right questions . Every great entrepreneur started her career with the right question .
The right questions…

This analysis is performed by technical and data adaptation method, data adaptation is done with average lifespan of virus and it seems that they both show the same results corona virous will be eradicated soon! #covid-19

pouyan Roohi


I foresee the future by technical analysis method and i invest with the perception of future . proponet of financial freedom .

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